Baxter Bed Simons Special

Origin: Italy
Dimensions: W207XD218 H153

Kashmir leather responds to the desire to offer an absolutely exclusive article. Using the best raw materials in the world, it stands out from run-of-the-mill industrial production from the very moment of tanning, being completely free from chromium and other metals, but at the same time it overcomes the limitations of vegetable tanning, making the leather extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Kashmir leathers are ecological and biodegradable. Added to this is the minimalist processing which does not affect its natural characteristics; then aniline dying, air drying and no finishing process. The final appearance of the leather has a nabucking effect that is more or less deep depending on the area of the hide, provided by the exclusive process which gives the finished product a vaguely aged effect, that goes way beyond the concept of nabuck.

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