Oak Michelangelo Montblanc
Designer Origin
Listone Girodano Italy
Dimensions Year
top layer's thickness: 5 mm support’s thickness: 9 mm total thickness: 14 mm
Color Code

The exquisite beauty of Listone Giordano wood flooring is the result of a skilful selection of the raw materials, an in-depth know-how on wood and thanks to qualified workers who are able to identify the most authentic characteristics of this living material.
The Elite grade features mixed grain, substantially homogenous colour in relation with the typical characteristics of the species. Possible small knots in some wood species.
Fibramix finish features mixed grain. Some boards may show colour variations and knots. In the extra wide boards (from 140 mm width), knots maybe be even tight and open on the surface.
Country finish features mixed grain and colour variation. Widespread presence of knots, both tight and open ones.

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